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A starters guide to the second Closed Beta Test!

This is a fast warmup before the closed beta starts, lets talk about the basics.

Thanks to a discord user(@Chimie), some official guides have been found and translated from the official page.


How to use the Square Hole(Waypoints)

There are Square Hole in each area of Lost Ark. To link a Square Hole for the first time, you have to jump directly on top of it, Once registered, you will be able to move to the desired location easily via the World Map (M button). Unlike during the first CBT, you can use it anytime and anywhere without having to go to the physical Square Hole.   In order to enjoy all the various adventures throughout the world of Lost Ark, please do not forget to link all of the Square Holes! And another thing, Please note! the power of the Square Holes do not extend to the continents across the sea.

Quest Location Tracking

If there are too many quest tracking zones displayed on the Overlay map (TAB button) or there are other areas where the quest tracking points are not easily to distinguish, Click on the Quest Location Tracking button located on the right side of the quest mini info window. You can quickly and easily see where your quest is located. If you have a quest that is not listed in the mini info window, you can use the Locate button in the journal window (J) to find the location you need.

Life Skills HUD

When you arrive at Lake Bar in West Luteran you will be able to learn life skills. When you use life skills such as mining or herbalism, you will naturally switch to Life Skills HUD. If you do not know how to turn it back into the battle HUD? Don’t panic! You can press [B] to toggle the HUD or attempt a general attack with a mouse click, and you will immediately return to the battle HUD.

What are Lupeon’s Seals?
Lupeon’s Seals are an item that can only be obtained from certain content in the game. With Lupeon’s Seals, you can trade for a variety of items through NPCs (Located around various cities)
How to Obtain Lupeon’s Seal
01. Cooperative Quests
The most reliable way to secure seals is from Co-op Quests. If you see a co-op quest when you are on a map, gather some friends and together complete the co-op quest. The shiny seals will drop after completion!
02. Elite Monsters
As you move around the various fields and dungeons, elite monsters will ocassionally appear among the monsters that you see. Elite monsters are better than other regular monsters in in the zone, with powerful and special abilities. Hunting elite monsters is also great way to quickly acquire the Lupeon’s Seals!
03. Sudden Quests
Sudden quests are also a very useful way to get a seals! Sudden quests occur … suddenly in certain areas! After completing the mission this type of quest automatically rewards you! It is a great opportunity to get a Lupeon’s seals if a sudden quest occurs!
04. Field Bosses
In addition, field bosses can also reward Seals! Field bosses are seen often, but if you cooperate with other players to defeat field bosses You might be able to get some seals! Defeat the various field bosses and acquire all the seals!
■ What rewards you can get from seals?
Collecting the Seals allows you to acquire powerful weapons and armor for each adventure, and after level 50 you can exchange them for many useful items to help your adventure. The seals you find ocassionally while enjoying the various content in Lost Ark will help you along the way! (Extra) In addtion, you will be able to acquire more seals in higher level areas


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