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CBT2 classes now confirmed officially, balance update and changes made from first beta feedback

Proper translation of the recent GM note made on Lost Ark’s website and analysis of the changes. REMINDER: This is an official announcement from source lostark.co.kr, this is just a translated post of it by DeePrixel, CM Lisha is not a part of the LostArkDB team.


How have you been? CM Lisha here.

Omitted some unnecessary comments (explains how the Lost Ark team got feedbacks from the testers and tweaked their games based on it. Apologizes for taking too much time.)

01: Feedback 

[Class Identity Improvements]

A supportive leader of the party, Warlord.

Warlord can now gain Shield Power while in battle and can be later used to activate Defensive Posture and Guardian Posture.

Defensive Posture When Defensive Posture is active, he can withstand the most powerful attacks which would otherwise blast him into the air.

Guardian Posture

Guardian Posture will protect the party members from dangerous situations, even the terrifying splash attack of the guardian monster Nachlassena.

Amplifying the team’s synergy, Bard.

Bard used to be more of a magic dealer than a support. Now she has new music skills and tripods to be more supportive to her team.

Serenade of Courage

The previous “Serenade of Heaven”, which used to slowly heal the teammates over time, now boosts the damage of your teammate as well. The skill is renamed into “Serenade of Courage” and can help your team to do more damage when used. Be ready to see Bard in action, amplifying her team’s synergy with her new buff and debuff skills.

[Battle Animation]
  • Improved character’s animation to be more natural.
  • Improved the skill effect and animation for better hack n’ slash feeling.
  • Improved monster’s hit, death animations to be more responsive to different types of attacks.
  • Improved the character animation when hit to be more aware of the situation.



[Tripod System]

Tripods are being improved: changing the tripod system should have more drastic effect than before. We are trying to encourage the players to switch their tripod system depending on the game’s content.

[QoL changes]

  • You can now save and quickly switch into your set of armor with the Armor Preset feature.
  • You don’t have to run to the Square Hall every time you want to use it. You can now warp to any registered Square Hall, where ever you are.
  • Added LMB/RMB invert option. The game will now ask you to choose between these two control types when you play the game for the first time.
  • Now the chats are output as speech bubbles, to easily start a conversation with other players.
[Changes to the Quest Line]

Unnecessary, repetitive sub quests are partially removed. Added new “Adventure quests” which are specific to the area and it contains special episodes of interesting stories. Added more varieties of sudden quests which naturally progresses as your play the game. Added “Co-op quests” that allows you to join other adventurers trying to complete the same quest.

02: New Classes

Introducing you to the three new heroes in 2nd CBT!

Here is Destroyer, Arcana, and Summoner.

Note: Analysis of skills will come later. This post will be updated.

“One who dares to face my hammer shall face death!” – Destroyer

Destroyer, with his mighty gravity hammer, controls the force of gravity at his will and annihilates any enemies that goes against him. Once the hammer is swung, the enemies won’t be able to control themselves as they either get blasted away or get pulled nearer to him. Slow but devastating, the devils who face Destroyer won’t even stand a chance against his power. Watch his movement carefully, if you don’t want to share the same fate as those poor souls.

“The world’s destiny is already within my cards!” – Arcana

Arcana utilizes her close to mid-range magic and performs a very dynamical battle in every situation. Arcana’s sharp cards slices through the enemies, presenting them a painful death. Only in the dearest moment, should Arcana pick the card from her deck, the card that no-one knows what magic it holds. This makes Arcana very dangerous yet remarkably appealing.

“Old Spirits, punish those who dares to threaten our world!” – Summoner

Remember the footage where a giant spirit crushed the enemies with its foot? At last, you’ll get to see Summoner in action for the 2nd CBT. Controlling the summoned creatures through interaction with the spirits, Summoner class progresses through the battle by summoning creatures who will aid her. The spirit orbs gathered from the ancient aura allows you to summon the Ancient Spirits, and their powerful attack can instantly turn the tide of the battle. On a side note, Summoner’s magic is flexible enough to handle with the situation of a battle. Don’t be fooled by Summoner’s weak and delicate appearance, as the Ancient Spirits they control shall destroy the battlefield in a blink of an eye.



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