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Win a cbt2 key with NVIDIA GeForce

CBT2 Key Giveaway at NVIDIA GeForce

Do you want to play Lost Ark Online? Now is your chance to win CBT2 access NVIDIA is giving away 50 keys!

This giveaway has ended! CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESULTS

The giveaway just went live and will last until September 8th, they will announce the winners on 13th.

NVIDIA GeForce is giving away 50 CBT2 keys that grant instant access(if you have a verified korean account) to the upcoming beta test phase. 

Do you want to play Lost Ark Online and help the developers with feedback? Just answer a question and leave your email to enter the giveaway.


The question is:

How do GeForce brand their drivers suited for gaming?

(The answer is an english phrase, 2 words; small hint: check the photo of this article)


You got it? Great, go to the giveaway website, log in and leave a comment with the answer and your Lost Ark homepage email address below it*.

* Be sure to have “Secret(비밀글)” checked. Also, the email has to be a verified lost ark account.

To go to the giveaway website: CLICK HERE


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Thank you for sharing this! I hope I win a key and play the game finally. :3


Uhm… what is the answer?


If you don’t get it, then… please don’t…

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