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With a calm heart and a focus as sharp as a katana the Fighter is the pure embodyment of Wisdom and Will.

Years of hard Training and asceticism formed her body to the mirror of her unimaginable Volition.
She is flying over the battlefield with the speed of sound and is striking her enemies with a combo of
punches so fast that the enemy will not see, but only feel, what’s hitting them.

At Level 10 players can choose between 3 sublasses.

1.) Infighter

The Infighter is the perfect martial artist. She is so fast that even catching her with your eyes is nearly impossible. Her attacks explode with pent up energy and deal terrifying amounts of damage.
She is dancing around her enemies to dodge their attacks while trying to get them at their weak spot.
Enemies who are stuck may become pulverized, or are blown away by the impact.
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2.) Battle Master

During her training the Battlemaster managed to use the elements as she pleases.
She’s combining her powerful combos with the powers auf Fire, Wind, Water and Earth to take down her foes.
She is as hard as a rock and as calm as the Ocean and when she enters a fight she becomes a fierce Firestorm
who turns everything into ashes. She is able to destroy hordes of enemies in a single blow when she is using combining her skills.
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3.) Force Master(TBA)

Origin Anich
Sub classes You can choose an advanced sub class at level 10:
Infighter, Battle Master, Force Master


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