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In the turmoil of the battlefield only the bravest men are shaking for excitement.
The Warrior is an strategic experienced melee Fighter who uses an arsenal of weapons to
fight the evil and protect his comrades. He is charging into the enemy head on and does not leave until every single one is terminated.

At Level 10 players can choose between 3 sublasses.

1) Berserker

The Berserker whose rage and pure Strength will overwhelm any enemy who stands against him.
With his 2 Handed greatsword he descimates everything that’s in his way. The longer the fight lasts
the more Rage he will build up and at the Peak of his Anger he will unleash his full Potential and
wont be stopable for anyone.
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2) Warlord

The Warlord is wielding Lance and Shield and is an expert in protecting his allies. He uses his Shield
to reduce the Damage of incoming attacks and strikes back with his Gunlance. He Builds up Bullets to use his Special Ability and attacks his enemy with exploding Shots.
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3) Destroyer

The Destroyer wields a huge two handed double-sided Hammer and is focusing on dealing shattering blows. He uses a gravity core as a resource for his attacks. His skills shatter the earth and shake the ground, striking fear to his enemies.
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Origin Shushire
Sub classes You can choose an advanced sub class at level 10:
Berserker, Warlord, Destroyer


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