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[CM]Risha’s Development Letter Part #2 – Introducing Hawkeye and Soul Master classes along with new CBT3 contents

Another week, another letter by [CM] Risha. This time its about CBT3 contents and the new classes being added.

Greetings travelers adventurers!  It’s [CM] Risha.

Although the spring rains came and it became a little chilly, I saw lots of cherry blossom trees  and it seems to me the spring has finally came.

Last week, I gave you the first letter, and was able to confirm the adventurers’ great feedback from various SNS including the community.

This infographic summarizes the most frequently mentioned words on our website.

The words ‘finally’, ‘waiting so much’ and ‘faster’ are the hottest words on the homepage for the past week,

It seems that the interest of the adventurers as well as their expectations for Lost Ark are pretty big.

I quickly prepared a second letter to reward you for this warm support.

Today, Risha’s letter is going to introduce two new classes and new content news that are just as exciting.

Stay awhile and listen


01. New classes


The main character out of the 2 classes the silhouette of which was revealed on the homepage was the Fighter subclass – Soul Master and the Gunner subclass – Hawkeye will be shown first below.


So let’s meet Hawkeye first?

“Penetrate the enemy with an arrow of faith! “- Hawkeye


They say that Hawkeyes are skillful hunters who carry a mechanical bow.

They can use their tactical skill combos to cause massive explosive damage or they can disrupt opponents with their stealth abilities.
Hawkeye’s unique combat style destroys the enemy’s will to fight back.
Gradually neutralize the opponent with arrows that slow the opponent’s movement speed and blind them for a short period.
The moment when the last bowstring is pulled to break the enemy’s breath, that moment is probably the last thing Hawkeye’s enemies will remember!

Hawkeye’s dancing arrows and stealth skills give your enemies a nightmare-like feeling of horror.

“Transcend the Limits of Inner Mind!” – Soulmaster


Soul Master is a class who can use both physical melee attacks and ranged attacks that can neutralize an enemy from a distance.
Light, fast-paced cascaded attacks do not even give enemies time to think.
Soul Master can also exploit opponent’s attacks to counterattack them.
There are rumors about an intensive technique of the Soul Master who temporarily strengthened the body by exploding the enemy.
Feel the power of the Soulmaster hidden in that fragile body.

The new class Hawkeye and the Soulmaster are still busy improving themselves to meet you. I can’t wait for the next adventure to start, with you trying out a tactician Hawkeye or the brand new Soulmaster.


02. Content

The adventures of Lost Ark are getting wider!

Let’s take a look at the new content being added for the next closed beta.

[Corridor of Trials/Trial Passage] Sylian’s Command had great love for the past two CBTs because each piece of content should be fun and should have a purpose.

‘Tower of Shadow/Tower of Infinity’ tried to test your own skills and how far you can get on your own

‘Platinum Field’ was able to provide some immersion with extended use of life skills,

‘Cube’ tried to test your limits through luck and cooperation with other players.


This has been expanded with new content, the Trial Passage


The Trial Passage is hidden between two rugged rocky mountains, that can’t be reached by anyone. The traces of surprisingly the strongest tribe in the past called “Hal” can be found there.

They say that in the Trial passage, they have been able to endlessly train in the memories of the stronger encounters in their lives.  The tribe was so strong that they defeated the Guardian by themselves. We are coming closer to unraveling the mystery of such strength.


Please look forward to new adventures and challenges in the Trial Passage.

[Card battle ]

The ‘card’ item, which occupied a corner of your warehouse and your inventory bag, will now return to the new card battle(TCG). In Lost Ark you will not only enjoy exciting adventures, but you also try out something fun like card battles.

Cards can be obtained through various ways in the world. You can hunt monsters, help someone or give them a gift, or get rare cards in an incredibly difficult way.


Small tip:  It’s also important to upgrade the cards that you already have, just as it is important to have a variety of them.


Now, collect various cards scattered around the world of Lost Ark, and organize your own deck to enjoy various NPCs and card battles. Numerous card players are waiting for your challenge.

[Trision Gate Training Center]

Trision Gate Training center is a space where you can try out all the skills without worrying about spending the skill points.

If the skill preset we introduced in the last letter is supposed to give you freedom in choosing the skill preset you need according to the content you are doing, Trision Training center gives you an opportunity to try out new or unused skills, and learn how to use them more effectively. You can get to Trision training center by talking to Beatrice.

In the training center, you can summon training dummies or enemies that actually attack you.

Now, do not hesitate to use skill points in your training.

That’s all the content I prepared for this letter. I introduced you new classes, a Trial passage, card battle, and a Trishion training center. I wonder which of the contents has captivated the adventurers’ minds the most.

Of course, there is a variety of other content that we have not heard about yet. Thank you again for your kind attention and encouragement in the first letter, I will greet you in the next letter with a more interesting story.


P.S. Just as in the last letter, we delivered another BGM. It is the melody of the piano that the deep story is hidden.


What is the beauty of this calmness?



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Thank you for another extremely quick translation as always! This probably means they will post the next letter in a week which I’m hoping will have the announcement for CBT3. Hopefully this means OBT this year and still crossing every finger and toe for a global release! I don’t care that there is so much time in between each update and CBT because all these changes, updates, etc… that they are doing make it so worth the wait!


I saw the picture soul master with kamehameha and i was like oooooooooooooo boy thats my main.

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