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[CM] Risha’s Development Letter Part #3, – Queen Aeadalin, Bosses, and a CBT Date!

Hey everyone. Here’s the final letter from CM Risha regarding the 3rd CBT. Big thanks to Lechko for working with me on these letters. (He did the whole 2nd one himself too).

We were not sure on some of the exact names of things (Guardians Names, City and People Names) and they might change or be incorrect. We were just going based on what the Korean sounds like. Could change in the future. We’ll let Tsurata double check when he can.

As always, sorry if the translation is a bit off or weird for some parts–There are a lot of weird Chinese words or like.. Old words in the Korea that seem like they haven’t been used since the 60s or something, and Lechko and I are both non-native Korean speakers too lol, so I took a bit of liberty in making the English sound presentable rather than gibberish that can come from direct translations.

Anyways, Cheers and see you on the 19th!


Hello, adventurers!

It’s [CM] Risha.
It’s so nice that the days are getting longer little by little,
I am expecting many pleasant things to come with the nice spring breeze.

Adventurers, what kind of things do you like to hear about?
I would like it if Risha’s letters was one thing 🙂

Today, my letter will be about Queen Aeadalin and the beautiful castle she lives in, Bern.
As well as Stern’s nail-biting underground arena, and to the Guardian, who is waiting for your challenge.

01. New Adventure Area

[Bern Castle is a large city on the Continent of Bern, where many various groups live together in harmony.]

Located on a pristine landscape overlooking a panoramic view of the continent, the city of Bern features the beauty and pragmatic style of Bern’s typical architecture, especially, looking at the unique aesthetics of the queen’s highest spire.

Owing to the open nature of her rule, Queen Aeadalin has incorporated the virtues of many different races and cultures, laying down a foundation for Bern’s development and by combining the magical power they carry with practical methods, they become a country that can compare with that of Luteran.

You’ll find many diverse and energetic examples  of citizens using magic throughout the city.

Because of the incredible intellectual curiosity of the people of Bern, the Bern library is always being filled with new knowledge.

On the other hand, finest of luxury restaurants in the aristocratic areas are renowned for satisfying the taste of every different group.

Magic items and weapons that are sold in Bern are known to be of the highest quality, making it a must-stop target for many adventurers.

Queen Aeadalin informs you that she has something to tell you in person–you should probably meet her.

I wonder what story she’ll be telling you…

[A desert wind blows in the ‘Red Sand Desert’.]

A new area, a Red Sand Desert, has been added for battling the Guardian.
Let’s take a look at what this dry sand blown landscape is going to look like.

You can sense that someone had been here for a while but there aren’t any signs of life.
There’s an old machine without an operator that sits idling and growling ceaselessly.

I see these transportation devices connected around the rugged desert. For what purpose were these placed here?

Sometimes you can discover the bones of a giant creature that were exposed to the surface with only a trace they were once alive.

Below the desert area is a place where underground water flows, a striking contrast to a harsh and desolate desert.

There is very little signs of life in this place as red sand is flutters around to obstruct the view.
The crows are cawing as they wander in search of food.

[Stern’s ‘Underground Arena’ is  filled with spectators and fighting spirit. ]

This is the city of Kenan, the underground arena of Stein, which pursues the evolution and development of the race through mechanization of the body.

The Arena was initially a space for some Kenanese to test the performance of the modified bodies,

Later it’s purpose was changed and after the illegal 1v1 matches became too popular it turned into an arena..

Despite the illegal elements being removed by the efforts of the Ardetain Council, the popularity of the arena has not diminished,

Now, not only Kenan, but also any adventurer who wants to show his strength can take part in arena battles.

At the underground arena here, the crowd can not keep in their excitement so they start throwing things into the arena which can affect the flow of the game.

How about you try out this new underground Arena in Stern?

02. New Guardian



One of the new guardians you will meet in Lost Ark is ‘Akates’.

Akates is a sacred guardian who defends the divine light with its abundant silver mane and blinding shiny wings.

After the series of wars, Akates, who was asleep in the calm land beyond the clouds, awakened again due to vibrations that had recently resonated across the continent of Accracia, and is quietly observing the flow life in the mortal realm.


‘Kalelrigos’ is an ancient guardian who fights using Azure Lightning.

In the midst of War of the Chains, Kalelrigos says he has defeated many enemies with the power of his Azure Lightning

His wings are faster than the wind, and his Azure Lightning can penetrate an opponent’s heart more precisely and sharply than a spear.

The energy of the Azure Lightning in the body of Kalelrigos will make the earth itself shake with its raw power.


[Yuho of the Black Night]

After the end of the War of the Chains, “Yuho of the Black Night” is said to have become immortal by absorbing the aura of the night sky, remained awake, alone for a long period in Akrashia. The tail of Yuho of the Black Sky is the source of it’s power, and with all nine tails, it is said that it can exert its true power with the energy which harmonizes with the sky.

Yuho of the Black Night is clever and will distract any challenger in order to lead him to destruction before he even knows what has occured.

The power of the Guardians, which was once used for good in the War of the Chains, is now a source of horror.

Only the wisdom and cooperation of the adventurers, will allow them do be defeated.


So now are you ready to jump into the new adventure?

Beautiful Bern and the Underground Arena are always waiting for new adventurers to visit

And the new Guardian will welcome you for a challenge.


This is all I was hoping to introduce to you all in this letter.

I am very excited to be able to make new memories with all my new adventurers.

Ah! As I have prepared the three letters, I had news that I wanted to tell you most of all!

I’ll tell you along with the BGM that matches this news…



The Start of the Final Journey


April 19th

Tester Recruitment Begins



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Chimie bro <3


So much hype!! Next would mean OBT. Let’s just hope there isn’t another 6-12 months of silence before find out information on OBT and hopefully NA/EU release ^( ‘o’ )^

Moustafa Mohamed26

this mean there is no more waiting ???????????????????????????


Really Love Akates !

Cloud Lockhart

new trailer next week! >_<

Moustafa Mohamed26

this mean it will be released in April 19th ???? i Don’t know can any one tell me guys April 19th the game will be released


No, the final CBT is April 19th. We won’t find out when OBT or the game launch will be until later this year.


Neither of you is right. CBT3 will start some weeks after the 19th since, as the translation says, the RECRUITMENT for the 3. Beta starts at that date


He asked a question if release was April 19th and I said that it was the Final CBT not release….so it wasn’t wrong. No reason to try and sound condescending.


It was in no meant to be condescending. The thing is that many people already thought that the beta starts a the 19th. This is why I stressed the recruitment as much. Though I got to admit that I am not very good at conversation writing so it often may seem different from what I wanted to make it to be read as


I apologize, I read to much in to how it was worded. One thing I hate about typing over the internet is you can’t tell a persons tone/attitude haha. Yeah alot of people just see “Final CBT April 19th” and miss the last part…probably due to extreme hype xD but once again sorry about the misunderstanding ^-^


when OBT comes, ill be there :3


hello guys if i can ask (CBT3 Registration opens in 0d 22h 52m 48s

) this mean i must create a new account or i can log in with my old one and Registration Code for CBT3 ?


If you already have an verified account then you just have to enter the registration manually


when i verified account it will give me Link to Download the game or this for just ppl Registration account what i need to say it i will play CBT or this for just ppl get account ??????????????

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