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[CM] Risha’s post CBT2 letter about the test

See what korean Lost Ark Community Manager Risha has experienced during CBT2.

This is a translation from the korean lost ark website, CM Risha is not part of the LostArkDB team.

Hello, adventurers!

It’s [CM] Risha.
The second round of closed beta testing has passed in a blink of an eye.
As the busy days are over, I was looking at the screenshots one by one , sorting out the feedback you gave me.

Lets see what the adventurers have gone through in the 10 days of testing together, shall we?

01. Lost Ark Second Closed Beta Walkthrough

First you started off in your class’ starting zone, I’ve chose to play Summoner and started in Rohendel, one of the new zones in the game.

When the adventurers finished their prologue quests, they ended up in Leon Heart.

As you finished the first closed beta contents, at around level 30 you got to the new fight scene and the Windy Cliff.
Many adventurers told me that the scene in Windy Cliff with Aman was very emotional.

At the end of the story missions in east Lutheran, you will reach the Lucerne port!
As you hear the sounds of seagulls and the ocean waves, it makes you feel like you are already sailing.

Most of the adventurers who left the port of Lucerne was going for Tortoyk Island.

The scenery of Tortoyk on user submitted screenshots. This place is full of cute stories about the Mokko villagers.

We are all ladybugs here~

And here is Caspian in the forest who was a really popular field boss during the beta.

After finishing with helping the villagers in Tortoyk , adventurers moved to the home of fighters, Anich!

This really oriental place was in a full swing because of the ongoing Tournament.

Did you become the new hero of ChangChun by defeating the champion of the arena?

I was often just fishing in ChangChun at the fishing spot.

In the valley of life and death, Banda was waiting for the adventurers with his black and white illusions.

After hunting down the horrific Chuo, an oriental field boss in ChangChun, adventurers left the island.


This is the town of Arthetine, full of professional mechanic engineers. There were various malfunctioning machines around Arthetine being hostile to anyone crossing their sight.

There were enemies waiting for the adventurers at the top of Air Gates.
Players faced challenging dungeons such as the Heart of Keuratereu.

Do you still remember the story of the adventurers who took the icebreaker to Shushire?

The cold continent Shushire was suffering, they needed help.
This is an adventurer ringing the bell to announce the arrival of a new dawn.

After finishing the contents of CBT2, players collected pieces of the ark.
This is the Arc of Hope from Shushire in the Trision Gate.

In order to fight againt commander Sigmund, I also finished the story in Bern.

02. The Voyage content and the islands

I was amazed of the passion and creativity of the adventurers.
This is the story of sailing where your adventure got interesting.

[This is the world map]

This map was posted by an adventurer on the tester boards.
It shows all the islands on the ocean, except Metus Island which is hidden in the corner of a Level 4 Storm. It took a long time to appear on the map.


[Trona Island]

This is a very small island protected by a powerful boss monster, Aurion.
When Aurion appears it gets difficult to leave the island.
Crowds gathered in the front of Trona to form raid groups.


[Ice Maze Island]

On the right, that is a map of the island by user ‘Oxygen Drop/산소방울’ and the map/escape plan on the left was drawn by user ‘장금2’.

[Island of Fire and Ice]

Brierose is a field boss on the island of Fire and Ice, who was really hard to down,
many raid groups failed at first, but as the test days were gone by people got stronger.

[Island of Time]

I really enjoyed fishing on this island.

[Meteora Island]

A massive meteorite fell on the island of Meteora, adventurers were going strong at hitting the meteorite.

After a while the meteorite has broke, adventurers did a great job

There was a strange conversation going on between the adventurers who were hitting it for hours.
(I couldn’t figure out myself what the meteorite was in Meteora)

And at the last minutes of CBT2 many people visited Meteora again.

[Metus Island]

The adventurers who conquered the horror island appeared one after another.

You have to go around every corning of the Wemer’s mansion to find all the clues with just your lantern and a few candles laying around.
(I never finished it…)

[Valley of Death]

The last day of testing and only the Valley of Death was not explored by me.

I took notes of the adventurers, but the PvP and the field boss difficulty was very hard.

03. Until the day we meet again!

After completing the second closed beta test, on the final day the game masters who were hiding appeared in front of the players and joined the fun.
Thank you everyone for your positive feedback!

Dance party!
([GM]Pocky told me that he was very confused and out of timing)

Leon Heart world event with dancing lions.

Those who gathered at the meteorite on Meteora island and those who were partying in Rohendel.

(Rattling noises)

I would like to thank all the adventurers who made the second closed beta an unforgettable memory for me!

Our team at Lost Ark is dedicated to helping adventurers have fun, encourage and reward their feedback.
We all look forward to meeting you again!

Until the day we meet again,

Thank you.

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what an amazing fucking game, too bad it’s taking forever to release globally


Thanks for this

Livan Ralph Morales
Livan Ralph Morales

How long it will release in EU/NA Globally? give us your information! to make not people worry or looking forward this Game online Lost ark..


Sadly we have no information on a release in non korean countries. 4 or 5 years ago they stated that they want to release the game globally but after that there was silence

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