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Note: This is an experimental database based on CBT2 content.

Archaeology skills

Icon Name Description
Intuition Finds nearby relics based on intuition.
Sonar Using a sonar, it is possible locate relics nearby. As skill level increases, cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds. Effect lasts for 40 seconds.
Concentration Excavation is not canceled even after being hit. Excavation count increases by 1.
Geology Shovel breaks 20% less frequently. Success rate at relic discovery increases by 6%.
Treasure Hunter Can open relic boxes in secret dungeon 3 times.
Traces of History Understanding of history deepens and [Tier 3 Ruins : Hero's Tombstone & Pirate Captain's Tombstone] can be explored. To explore a ruin, an ancient book of the same grade will be consumed.
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