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Fishing skills

Icon Name Description
Pole Fishing Learns pole fishing. Move the mouse over the fishing area to use the skill. Use the skill again to retrieve the fishing rod.
Expert Fisher Chances of fishing a big one increases by 5%.
Thrilling Moment At a fixed chance, the next fish will be a big one.
Throw Bait Throws a bait to attract fishes and receive [Shoal of Fishes Appeared] buff. The buff can stack up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, net fishing becomes available. Chance to receive a bonus stack is greater than level 2.
Set Fish Trap Can install 3 fish traps at designated areas. Trap will catch fishes after some time.
Net Fishing Throws a net to obtain variety of fishes. Can be used only when the [Shoal of Fishes Appeared] buff stack is at 3.
Boat Fishing ???
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