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Note: Damage numbers may vary from skill level, this is an experimental database based on CBT2 content.

Bard skills

Skill icon Skill name Cooldown Description
Sound Shock 8 sec Fires a strong sphere of light that explodes and inflicts 15754 (at max level 10) damage to enemies and nearby enemies.
Sound Wave 12 sec Fires a stream of notes in front of you and inflicts 2926 ( at level 4) damage.
Discord 20 sec At the position of your mouse, sends an AOE reducing movement speed by 40% and inflicts 1305 (at level 1) damage per second.
Holy Sound 24 sec Emit a powerful light that inflicts 3105 ( at level 1) damage every 0.3 seconds. Also allows you to change direction, but casting is cancelled when you move.
Harp of Rhythm 24 sec Summons a harp turret that inflicts 4520 ( max level 10) damage to the enemy within 14m.
Musical Notes 10 sec Fires a slow speed ball of notes that inflicts 5251 ( at max level 10) damage continuously and reduces enemy move speed by 30%.
Conviction Core 24 sec Summons notes for 10 seconds to protect yourself. If an enemy approaches with 4m, it inflicts 7009 ( level 1) damage. A note disappears once an enemy is hit.
Wind of Music 18 sec Creates intense winds, Inflicting 6931 (max level) damage to nearby enemies, and spreads the winds to inflict 8823 damage to enemies within 1m radius.
Stigma 24 sec 1.6 second Cast at a specified position and summon an AOE for 5 seconds. The AOE inflicts 4810 (level 1) damage per second, and the damage increases by 12.5% per second ( additional effects: disabling)
Rhythm Buckshot 16 sec A shotgun blast of notes inflicting 18021 ( level 1) damage to hit enemies and blow them away.(Additional Effects: Penetration, Disabling)
The Storm 16 sec Intense lightning storm inflicting 18725 ( level 5 ) damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 3 seconds. (Additional effects: neutralization)
Heavenly Performance 30 sec Deals 14944 (level 7) damage to nearby enemies and increases attack speed by 16% and mana regeneration rate by 65% for 10 seconds
Guardian Performance 30 sec Play the harp to reduce damage done to you and your party members by 50% for 12 seconds 3 times
Sound Vibration 20 sec Position specified AOE inflicting 4207 (level 1) damage 4 times for 3 seconds...( Additional effects: Destruction level 2, Disabling)
Prelude of Death 24 sec Plays a Cone AOE infront of you, inflicting 5818 (level 1) damage on a periodic basis. Additional damage can be increased by up to 120% per 30% debuffer overlap. Movespeed reduction by 15% and increases at a max of 60%.
Sound of Light 24 sec Summons the sound of a beautiful melody AOE to the position of mouse, causing 8015 ( level 1) damage every 1.5 seconds, but casting is cancled when you move.
March 20 sec Reduces own movespeed by 40%, but generates notes that deal 2104 (level 1) to enemies that step in it and reduces their movespeed 40% for 4 seonds.
Symphony 5 min Rise in the air and play with the angels, you give allies a shield for 300% of your maximun health for 5 seconds, inflicting 57771 damage to your enemies, 30% attack damage, 30% attack speed.
Serenade of Valor 45 sec Consumes all charged bubbles and increases the party's attack power by 15%, 30%, 45% and 60% per consumed bubble for 16 seconds. (This is your 'Z' skill)
Serenade of Salvation 30 sec Consumes all charged bubbles, instantly restores 20%, 40% or 60% health and reduces damage by 15%, 30%, 45%, 60% for 8 seconds based on bubbles consumed (This is your 'X' skill)
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