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Note: Damage numbers may vary from skill level, this is an experimental database based on CBT2 content.

Blaster skills

Skill icon Skill name Description
Reinforced Shot Shoots a bomb to inflict 4578 damage. Extra Effect: Impair (Medium)
Frost Shot Shoots a shell to inflict 4173 damage and decrease the enemy's movement speed by 40%. Effect lasts for 4 seconds.
Gatling Gun Points the gatling gun towards the mouse to inflict up to 13035 damage.
Buckshot Shoots in a cone shape, inflicting 5828 damage and pushing enemies away.
Howitzer Throws a bomb towards the mouse to inflict 5828 damage and send enemies flying. Extra Effect: Destruction Lv 1 & Impair (Medium).
Rocket Barrage Recklessly launch 5 missiles to inflict up to 6121 damage.
Napalm Explodes a napalm bomb to inflict 2584 damage and send enemies flying. The explosion will leave behind a fire that lasts 6 seconds and inflicts 1442 DoT. Extra Effect: Destruction Lv 1 & Impair (Medium).
Flamethrower Can freely move in one direction while using the flamethrower. Flamethrower lasts for 4 seconds and inflicts up to 12913 damage.
Swing Swings the launcher to inflict 5828 damage.
Air Strike Bombs sent into the sky will randomly fall, inflicting up to 8742 damage and sending enemies flying. Extra Effect: Impair (Medium).
Jump Bombing Jumps up and bombs enemies directly below to inflict 7077 damage. Enemies will be sent flying. Extra Effect: Impair (Weak).
Summon Turret Summons a turret that automatically attacks enemies. Turret shoots bullets that inflict 1930 damage.
Plasma Storm Shoots a plasma field that slowly moves towards the enemy. The plasma field inflicts 1429 DoT every 0.5 seconds.
Gravity Bomb Activates a gravity field that inflicts up to 2363 damage and pulls enemies in. Then the gravity field will explode, sending enemies flying and inflicting 13454 damage.
Frontal Bombing Quickly fires to inflict 4586 damage.
Missile Bombing Installs a guiding device at the mouse location and launches a missile that hits the spot 5 seconds later. Enemies that are hit will receive 10822 damage and will be sent flying.
Energy Field Creates a barrier that absorbs damage up to 20% of max HP. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.
Guided Missile Guided missiles launched into the sky will track its target and inflict 6081 damage each. 1 Chaos Piece is required to use Awakening.
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