CBT2 classes now confirmed officially, balance update and changes made from first beta feedback

Proper translation of the recent GM note made on Lost Ark’s website and analysis of the changes.

China may have banned Lost Ark Online? Tencent is bringing 28 titles to UP 2017, no Lost Ark

At UP 2017, Tencent Games’ annual gaming conference, the dominated Chinese gaming company shows a total of 28 games to the public, covering all genres for PC and mobile platforms. However, the long-awaited action MMORPG Lost Ark is absent.

Next closed beta might be coming this summer

A Smilegate employee who wants to remain anonymous has dropped some fresh information for us

No news about Lost Ark on G-Star 2016 yet, but there is something going on

Smilegate has not published information on the first 2 days of the convention, let us explain what may be the reason.

G-STAR 2016 is coming up soon, new information may be revealed

GLOBAL GAME EXHIBITION G-STAR 2016 will be held in Busan, Korea from November 17th for four days, new information about Lost Ark Online may be revealed.

Your handbook to Guardian Raids

Looking for new challenges? We’ve got some strategies to hunt the mythical Guardians of the world.

Lets take a look at the Adventure Book and the achievements

Today we guide you through the Adventure Book system in Lost Ark

Arcana, Summoner and Destroyer will be available in CBT2

Yes, you read it right, a few players have discovered some secrets during the current beta test.

Benchmark tests on over 50 Nvidia graphics cards!

A website called QuasarZone has tested the game on many Nvidia graphics cards, the results are interesting

Lost Ark Online Developer Q&A – CBT1

Our 2nd coverage of the Media Day, Dev Q&A with all the answers you seek