No news about Lost Ark on G-Star 2016 yet, but there is something going on

Smilegate has not published information on the first 2 days of the convention, let us explain what may be the reason.

Update: The second day of the G-STAR 2016 exhibition has come to an end, and yet there are still no news about Smilegate (Lost Ark, Soul Worker, Crossfire II). It is, in general, isn’t surprising, because this year the company chose the «B2B» format (for business) in the corresponding pavilion.

However, a few hours ago in the localization division Smilegate Facebook page the following message popped up: «G-STAR 2016 has started! Be ready, exciting announcements coming! “. We are wondering what lies behind those big words? Are they related to the exhibition as a whole or Smilegate planning to surprise us? If so, when will it happen? G-STAR exhibition will last until 20 November, while the business section of the exhibition is ending on November 19, that is tomorrow.


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