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Lost Ark has multiple core CPU support

The game’s first closed beta version of the game supports up to 8 cores.

It is confirmed that Lost Ark Online, which is currently running the first closed testing phase (CBT), supports full-scale multicore.

Lost Ark is based on DirectX 9.0c instead of 11 or 12 and it was worrying people after watching the trailers that the game might not be able to do well.

However this concern was confirmed false on August 24th. DirectX 9.0c graphically renders it incredibly well and we received a lot of favorable reviews with outstanding ‘directing’.

There is another unexpected result of <Lost Ark>. It has been confirmed that it fully supports up to 8 cores. Traditional mmorpg games are mainly developed for 2 core cpus and some games such as ArcheAge, Blade & Soul and Black Desert support more than 6 cores. Among these, <Lost Ark Online> was developed based on DirectX 9.0c and it was expected to support only about 4 cores.

However, it was proven wrong by iLovePcBang, the game supports up to 8 cores and it is very well optimized.

Lost Ark Online uses multiple cores confirmed

Supporting multiple cores has two main implications. The first is that higher-end CPUs will be more effective, and the second is that they use the cores of existing multicore CPUs to lower the need for upgrades.

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