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Lost Ark Online OBT in 2018 and Smilegate hiring QA testers for new contents

Will the wait be finally over this year? Let’s hope for the best.

Thanks ApostleOfAnarchy for the sharp eyes!

ZDNet has posted an overlook on the year of online games PR post and Smilegate is in it too. According to the article, you can find the translated content below:

” Smilegate plans to release Lost Ark, which had a successful closed beta test phase last year’s September.

Smilegate RPG, who is responsible for the development and service of Lost Ark Online, is currently working on improving and developing new contents since the last closed beta test in September. Lost Ark Online is one of the most anticipated games, because of its successful beta tests, beautiful graphics and action-packed combat.

Smilegate plans to release a public demonstration test(OBT) this year, the schedule plans are yet to be revealed, according to the company. ”

Smilegate also posted new job listings on a Korean website called gamejob earlier this year on 2018 February 5th. They are looking for general game testers / QA(quality assurance) testers for new contents such as the new classes, quests and leveling phase. This is because of CBT2 improved content part of the development timeline.

Here’s the development timeline, just to refresh everyone’s memory:

Lost Ark Online Development roadmap

If they are planning the open beta test this year, that means they will have to hold a CBT3 with the new contents, rebalance classes and hold a stress test(stability test) before going into OBT according to the timeline.


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Still crossing every finger and toe in hopes for either a global release or a NA release close to theirs!


When i was searching for Lost ark i found the site, who is open for european servers, and half translated i found it weird and i think this year we can have this game i our home *-* http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ check it !


That’s just the official site. And it’s been like that ever since it launched. They use korean aswell as english in their menus. But still, hoping for a global launch or beta this year!

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