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Lost Ark Online CBT2 New Dungeon

New CBT2 content teaser video is out now!

As for every Closed Beta Test phase, Smilegate did a teaser trailer showcasing the new contents.

There is much to see: new tripod skills, esther’s weapons in action, sailing,  new dungeons, storyline, revamped UI, …

You can watch the new trailer below:

Bonus video(part of the new storyline, cutscene with a berserker and his esther’s greatsword):

Some still images:

Lost Ark Online CBT2 New storyline
New storyline characters
Lost Ark Online CBT2 New Tripod System
New Fighter tripods and Esther’s weapon in action
Lost Ark Online CBT2 New Dungeon
The new dungeons
Lost Ark Online CBT2 Social interactions Dance
Social interactions have been improved, you can sync your dance
Lost Ark Online CBT2 Open PvP
Open PvP field with a chest full of loot, whoever loots it gets it all
Lost Ark Online CBT2 Scenery Sailing
The beautiful scenery, this is the Starlight Lighthouse on an island in the ocean
Lost Ark Online CBT2 Sailing
New Sailing UI and ships
Lost Ark Online Cinematic Dungeons
Giant’s Dungeon


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