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On our way to open beta, LostArkDB’s future and information about current situation

The final moments of the last CBT test phase captured by INVEN

It is time, the final closed beta has ended on June 3rd and its been a very awesome testing phase. Many people in the community(including content creators) got to play the test and have enjoyed it.  Rumor has it, open beta might come out later this year in Korea, not-so-long wait left. There will be lots of upcoming content published on our website, I have been busy lately, thus why the articles are a bit behind and not up to date for now.

I think I can say that we(the community and LostArkDB editors) have strong faith in Lost Ark Online to be a very successful MMORPG, the amount of content and fine work Smilegate has put into this game so far is amazing. This could be a great game to play with friends, fluid combat, beautiful high fantasy world, great variety of content, fun pvp and the overall cohesive gameplay that just works perfectly.

If you are curious why Lost Ark is praised, check the article below You can also read up on my previous article about how I experienced(the writer of this heads up post) the second closed beta test:



The community welcomes every newcomer, so if you like/follow Lost Ark, be sure to join the Discord too!
We have revamped our channel layout recently with class related chat channels, so you can start discussing every class and share your own builds or ask people for them.

We are also currently collecting all kinds of data from the Final Closed Beta (CBT3) in our #cbt3-infodump-for-obt channel. Please share skills, mechanics, miscellaneous information/videos/images that might be helpful in building an informational source for the community. We plan to use the data the community collects to make LostArkDB as useful as we can for the players.

There is also an english patch in work by Eto and several people on discord. The goal is to provide players with a high standard community translation for the open beta. (Update 06/12/2018: We need helping hands, the encryption is in the way for now.)

Join the discord



Highlights from the content creators, also make sure to follow these people if you want to enjoy Lost Ark content later this year.

That did not go as planned, a failed ultimate – by LechkoTV

Guardian Raids got upgraded, breakoff system – by frabbit12

I play this game for the plot… – by easy_won

If you want to see Lost Ark related content in the future when OBT comes, please check out these dedicated streamers:








To fellow people who have supported our project in the past two years: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Without you people, LostArkDB would not be around or be anywhere at the moment. 

Thank you to all of our supporters on Patreon / Paypal:
Tony C,  Erkan P,  Jaime C,  Fabien P,  Michael D,  Miller D,   ReizoGames,   Peetu K,   Dedic E,   Qiu Hua P,   Calatayud Nunez J,   Lazuli M,   Peyrol F,    Den Hartigh M,   Mateusz M

and a huge thank you to all the people who’ve contributed to help the community with translations, information, spreading the word or any other activity benefiting the Lost Ark Community, LostArkDB and /r/lostarkgame. (Eto, Deeprixel, ThePlayingViking, Lechko, Chimie, Perciculum, Anselm, Saintone … and many more, I wish I could list all our precious community members, BEST COMMUNITY)



The future of LostArkDB. Now, this is a tough one since I didn’t have much time and the whole project seems a bit lost in time. The first objective will be to focus the site on one thing, mainly the database part and wiki/knowledge base and news will be secondary.

Features planned:

  • Fully working database (obviously this is the main thing) – Not sure on items yet, since there are many variants for each piece of armor/weapon
  • Community Networking ImprovementsUser shared content and more ways to get the community together basically
  • Build planner A way to share skills, each skill has 3 tripod tiers and 1 selection in each tier, the build planner would help you share skill builds with eachother
  • Detailed guides and Wiki / Knowledge BaseNow, this is gonna be the hard part as it takes a lot of time
  • Focus on the website’s overall lookA more professional approach with elements borrowed from the official site
  • A Discord bot in the future to look for items – Not sure about this one yet

I can’t thank everyone enough for making LostArkDB possible with all the help and love from the community.



MMO player for over 10 years now, head of the editor team & owner of LostArkDB

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Amazing to see that this site and the community are working so hard on getting al the info sorted! Keep up the good work everyone!

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