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[CM] Risha’s post CBT2 letter about the test

See what korean Lost Ark Community Manager Risha has experienced during CBT2.

A personal opinion and feedback on CBT2

I played it, I enjoyed it and now I’m telling you about my experiences…

The second closed beta test has ended, Soulmaster and Hawkeye classes confirmed for CBT3

Yesterday on September 24th, after its 10 day testing phase, CBT2 has ended. A few details have been revealed during the test about the upcoming beta.

New CBT2 content teaser video is out now!

As for every Closed Beta Test phase, Smilegate did a teaser trailer showcasing the new contents.

A twitch community for Lost Ark has been created

We created a community on twitch to give you all a place where you can see all the streams about Lost Ark and give streamers from our community more recognition

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