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On our way to open beta, LostArkDB’s future and information about current situation

The final moments of the last CBT test phase captured by INVEN It is time, the final closed beta has ended on June 3rd and its been a very awesome testing phase. Many people in the community(including content...

Summary of different interviews given by the director of SMILEGATE RPG

Over the last few days the director of lost ark gave interviews to different websites explaining how the game was a handeled after the second beta and further explaining the new content

The registration for the Final Closed Beta test has begun! (2018/04/19 – 05/13)

Today, the official website got updated and the dates for the final closed beta test has been announced.

[CM] Risha’s Development Letter Part #3, – Queen Aeadalin, Bosses, and a CBT Date!

Hey everyone. Here’s the final letter from CM Risha regarding the 3rd CBT. Big thanks to Lechko for working with me on these letters. (He did the whole 2nd one himself too). We were not sure on some of...

[CM]Risha’s Development Letter Part #2 – Introducing Hawkeye and Soul Master classes along with new CBT3 contents

Another week, another letter by [CM] Risha. This time its about CBT3 contents and the new classes being added.


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