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To be able to use Sailing , you will have to reach level 35 and do the mission for it where you get your first ship and the crew members.

When you’re out on the sea, you will also be able to visibly see other players’ ships exploring or looking for areas. Giving the game a more open world feel.

You can even go treasure hunting in search of random treasure by using the ships crane.

Sail far enough and you can discover various unique areas.

Sailing the seas isn’t always going to be safe, the seas can be a place full of monsters. If you encounter and board a ghost ship, you can fight the special boss for rare loot!


Sailing can be a fun way to explore the world

Operating the crane at certain points of the ocean can get you rich

Some ships have the ability to break ice using a skill


If you wander off the main routes and start travelling the waters of the ocean, you will find many interesting places, treasures, demons, sea creatures and even shipwrecked sailors!

Lost Ark Online Ocean Sailing Map
The explorable parts of the ocean in CBT2 with dock locations
When going nearby an island with a dock, you can choose to anchor down and explore the island
Sailing UI , Ship stats, Storage management and Crew management

A ghost ship appearing and the player boarding it


There are three main types of ships by sizes: small, medium, large. Each ship has different speed and storage capacity as well as crew size. There are 2 base skills and 1 unique skill for each ship.

Sailors and Crewmates

You can hire sailors to guide you on the open waters, they will notify and help whenever a new event occurs. You can also find shipwrecked sailors whom you can hire as crewmates. Keep in mind, that your crew size has a limitation based on ship size.

Hiring a sailor in the dock
“Captain: A storm is coming, be careful!” – Getting notified about a storm that could break the ship.
A shipwrecked sailor waiting for your help.
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