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Smilegate RPG representative Ji Won-gil talks about Lost Ark

Today is the Lost Ark media day in korea and this is the first part of our coverage, featuring Ji Won-gil the RPG representative of Smilegate.

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※ If you are not into reading, you can scroll down to the bottom for a summary of contents.

Below you can find the translated text quoting Ji Won-gil’s words:

Thank you for coming to the Lost Ark Media Day, and special thanks to all the gamers who are supporting our game.

The purpose of today’s Media Day is to tell you our plans on the game prior to its CBT. We struggled a lot when preparing for our first CBT. CBT is a really important part of the development process, so we tried to launch the beta testing when the game’s content was well and fully developed.
Normally, when the CBT is in progress, the developers would put limit to the maximum level to test each area more thoroughly, but that will make the game less fun for many players and the balance between the contents become unstable, therefore for the 1st CBT, we will be focusing on how we can solve this problem, the unpredictable difficulties, the amount of stress to your hardware, and aspects that will cause problem when changed.

The unpredictable difficulties include some of the classes. It is hard to guess how much people will like playing certain classes and what their reaction will be towards the class, especially for the healer and ranged dealer class. If the game’s popularity was our main priority here, we would have allowed [“Arcana”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/classes/magician/arcana) and [”Summoner”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/classes/magician/summoner) to be playable for this CBT, but to test properly, we released the healer / ranged damage dealer class first, the [Bard](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/classes/magician/bard).

On a side note: Arcana fans don’t worry, we didn’t abandon the class! Here is a concept art of the Arcana legendary weapon

Also, for the “Raid”, “Cinematic Dungeon” (which are difficult to make any changes) and the PvP and PvE content, will be monitored for the issues in its gameplay and balance. This part of the game will need a very long time to develop, very costly too, but we want to find out which parts worth the development, therefore these are the first things that were put into test, for the players to experience and test. You’ll be provided with a Raid, 8 Cinematic Dungeons, the [Colosseum(PvP)](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/pvp-arena) and some of our PvE contents.

For the performance of the game, we are expecting a great stress for the [“Field Raid”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/activites/guardian-raid) and the [“Chaos Gate”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/activites/chaos-gate-rifts) which should allow up to 30 people to be in the same battlefield instance. Lost Ark’s gameplay mechanism requires fast reaction times and fast combo skills, so the performance is one of the most important part of the game. 1st CBT will have 7 types of field raids.

The contents of CBT will be quite different to what you will see in the final version, for example Chaos Gate and Raid will surely be different to the final version. During your 1st CBT, you’ll encounter secret quests which will show you several easter eggs and even a little sneak peek for the 2nd CBT. We hope you guys will find all of them.

You’ll level up much faster during the CBT for faster testing purposes and prologues for 3 characters are ready to be played.
Our philosophy in developing Lost Ark was simple: to do what we have to do. A game that cannot be experienced by touch device, cannot be satisfied by releasing packages, and has all the MMO games’ the problem considered. We wanted to know what the MMORPG gamers wanted to see in a game.
We want this game to remain as a good memory one day, so we tried our best to make you feel the world and the characters within, so you can feel like you’re part of the adventure.

Finding new places are a part of this adventure, but unfortunately, the Sailing content is only available after the 1st CBT. 6 main areas will be playable for this CBT, and the maximum level will be 30. The main point of the story will be to set out on a journey to find the Ark.

Total of 7 classes are available to test and the Magician sub-class “Bard” will be playable as a hidden character. The requirement to play this class is very simple, so I bet everybody can play her during this CBT.

There are 4 types of quests: Main Quest, Sub Quest, Unexpected Quest and Medal Quests and 3 types of dungeons: “Ark dungeon”, “Party dungeon” and “Normal dungeon”.

There are a total of 8 skill slots available for you and you can even change their effects with the [“Tripod system”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/tripod-system) to create diversity. This allows you to play more strategically. There are side contents like [“Adventure book”](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/adventure-mode), achievements, titles, musical instruments, [life professions](http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/life-professions), crafting and salvaging items included.

This CBT will be held mainly for finding any problems in the game overall, testing the stability and the combat style as a whole. The schedule for the 3rd CBT and the final test, even the date for the official release are already planned.

There are many people wondering about the compatibility of DirectX. Right now, we’re planning for the compatibility of all the DirectX versions that are 9.0c and higher. We are internally testing for the compatibility of DX11.

To be clear of the conspiracy about the graphical downgrade, we thought that our first trailer’s graphic was unnecessarily “loud”. It was too bright which caused some drop in the visibility of the game, so we are trying our best to restore the visibility, altogether with the optimization and the overall graphic of the game.
“Lost Ark” is oriented to have great graphics, and if we get more support from the players, we are planning to keep on upgrading it. The Action MMORPG Lost Ark, the game with the best story and battle of all the arpgs. We all appreciate your support. Thank you for being with us today.

Summary of Lost Ark Media Day
1. Ranged damage dealers and healer class are the first to be tested, total of 7 classes available with “Bard” as a hidden character.
2. The maximum level achievable is 30, field raid and other dungeons, PvP and PvE are available nonetheless.
3. DirectX 9.0c and higher versions are all compatible, right now internally testing(R&D) for any problems with DX11. Graphical downgrade was the result of optimization and visibility restoration, so it is planned to be upgraded steadily.


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