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The registration for the Final Closed Beta test has begun! (2018/04/19 – 05/13)

Today, the official website got updated and the dates for the final closed beta test has been announced.

The registration phase begins today on April 19th and lasts until May 13th 23:59 KST.
You can register from now on during this period by showing interest with filling out a CBT form on the official website.

The registration process is very straightforward, however you will need a KSSN/ i-pin verified korean STOVE account to register for the closed beta.

How to get an account? 

  1. Eiher get a korean friend to register for you…
  2. …or purchase an account from- or verify your own account(highly recommended) with an asian account verification service (Newgameway,OBTgame, etc…)

How to apply/register for the closed beta?

Step 1: Navigate to the registration form: here

Step 2: Enter a phone number(can be random, its for promotional stuff and the notification sms if you get selected)

Step 3: Fill out the other information, first is your gender, then age and questions regarding your playtimes and the games you liked. Just use google translate for this part.

Step 4: The last bit, a maximum 500 letter “What you like about Lost Ark?” introduction. Before you think it’s important and start some kind of ritual to write the perfect 500 letter essay: it’s not important, it does not reduce/improve your chances if you write the perfect little story, as long as it’s in korean language it should be fine.

Step 5: If you filled out the form and submitted it, you should see a character shot of Hawkeye and a message “Final CBT 신청이 완료되었습니다.” this means your application was successfully sent.

The winners will get announced on May 18th. All previous testers(CBT1 and CBT2) get access automatically to the final test and get their badges upgraded(They will need to apply for the testing phase too, but CBT3 access is granted instantly).

The final closed beta test phase will last 12 days starting on May 23rd and all the way through until June 3rd.
Further information about the schedule and opening hours of the servers will be announced at a later date.



The Final Closed Beta will bring many NEW contents with it, including:

  • Two new classes: Soul Master and Hawkeye.
  • 6 new guardian raids and new raid map.
  • QoL changes, improved combat feedback and boss indicators.
  • An entire new region will be added: Bern , the home of warriors.
  • Improved favor system, waypoint system rework, new simplified crafting system, improved UI, loot auction system and skill presets.
  • 30 new islands, added intercontinental travelling lines.
  • New dungeons and activites. Trision training room – to test out all the fancy skill builds you can imagine, Corridor of Trials – an all new boss rush mode where you can test your limits, Chaos Dungeon – An old facility used in the war of gods long ago and its infested with demons now slay them and stabilize the anomaly.
  • .. and much more!

More posts detailing the new contents will follow. Please stay tuned to our website.



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hello all every time i try to Mobile Phone Verification in this Stove web site not Work and give me this error Authentication service error (The information you entered is in correct ) and i Chang my information 20 time and every time its afferent
what i can do please help

OThman SenSi
OThman SenSi

thanks for the translation

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