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The second closed beta test has ended, Soulmaster and Hawkeye classes confirmed for CBT3

Yesterday on September 24th, after its 10 day testing phase, CBT2 has ended. A few details have been revealed during the test about the upcoming beta.

The second beta test has officially ended, there was a really active tester base and an overall great interest in adventures.

Smilegate thanks everyone who participated in the 10-day beta testing phase from Sept. 15th to 24th and every tester can fill out the feedback form on the official website until Sept 27th.

There were also a few events for physical items such as mechanical keyboards, mousepads, gaming chairs, graphics cards the winners for these will be announced later on.

Feedback is very important and the company will analyze constructive feedback and tweak the game accordingly.

In CBT3 there will be 50 more Sylian’s Commands activities, 2000 new Islands and 5000 new trading cards to collect.

It will also feature Gunner’s 3rd subclass Hawkeye and Fighter’s 3rd subclass Soulmaster too.

Hawkeye is a longrange subclass of the Gunner base and it uses a mechanical bow type weapon with special arrows. His core ability is to summon a Hawk that helps him in combat.

Soulmaster uses a gauntlet with charms, she is a trained martial artist who freely manipulates ‘ki’ (soul energy) and is able to neutralize an enemy with her acrobatic moves easily.


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Will you be giving out keys to this one?

3 days ago I buyed a OBT verification existing account on OBTgame, but i dont really think that OBT is not CBT2 and i thinked that with this i can play the obt, but today i login with a vpn and download stove client but cant download the game, at the conclusion i arrive is i buyed a verification for The Obt, but obt has ended, then CBT ended and then CBT2 ended. The question is when the possible CBT3 arrives, i can apply free for this in the lost ark website with my verified account? Now i cant play… Read more »

When do you think CBT3 is going to be released? I’m in canada, Will i be able to play the game now? or not?





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