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Tripod System

Lost Ark will feature a skill modification system called ‘Tripod system’. Most of the active skills can be customized to have different elemental effects, tiers and deep skill trees giving various bonuses to suit your own play style.

It’s all up to the player to discover which builds suits them the most and the various mix match combos that can be performed using the system.

What is the tripod system?

Lost Ark Online Tripod System

As you level up, you’ll get skill points which you can allocate to your skill. When your skill level reaches lvl.4, 7, 10, your skill tier will upgrade to Tier 1, 2, 3 respectively. When your skill tier is upgraded, you get to choose an additional effect for your skill. The three choices you make for a skill is what we call the [[Tripod System]](http://lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/tripod-system).

Skill level Unlocks What it does
1 Base skill
4 Skill Tier 1 upgrade Choose one trait from the three available
7 Skill Tier 2 upgrade Choose one trait from the three available
14 Skill Tier 3 upgrade Choose one trait from the three available

TL;DR Level up the character -> Acquire skill point -> Allocate it to a skill -> Apply tripod system to a skill when its tier upgrades.

When can I start using the tripod system?

When you have reached level 12, you’ll receive your first skill point. Press K (default key) to see all of your skills and the tripod systems available for each.

When you reach level 16, you can get 4 skill points which means that you’re able to level up your skill to level 4 by then. In other words, this means that the your first tripod system will be available when your character has reached level 16.

When you reach level 22, you are able to upgrade your skill to tier 2.
Reach level 30 to upgrade it to Tier 3 (some skills have different maximum skill level, so there will be skills where you cannot allocate your skill points after a specific level has been reached)

You can change the tripod system anytime with no drawbacks, but there are some exceptions to this which is after entering the Guardian Raid, Secret Dungeon, Colosseum, Cube, and the Tower of Shadow
※Important message! Be careful when you allocate your skill points though, as there will be some restrictions to reset your skill points, so always think twice before you level up your skill!

Use the Tripod System strategically!
You can change the tripod system to make certain contents of the game more efficient for your character.

Tripod for hunting (aka grinding)

In the field where there are a lot of generic mobs, making your skills faster and more powerful can bring up your hunting (cough grinding) efficiency to its full potential.
Recommended: damage boost, cooltime reduction, mana consumption rate deduction

Tripod for Dungeon Boss or Raid

Most of the Elite monsters and the Boss monsters are immune to crowd control, so we recommend you to set your tripod around HP management, so that you can stabilize the balance between your defense and offence.
Recommended: defense increase, special effect which only works on the monsters immune to crowd control, movement speed increase

Tripod for PvP

For the PvP, you have to be agile and be immune to the crowd control, but it mostly depends on what class you’ll be playing as.
Recommended: crowd control, attack speed increase, movement speed increase, skill range increase, super-armour (crowd control immunity) etc… we encourage you to try as many combinations as possible to suit your own style of battle.

Tripod considering the synergy between the tiers

I’ll use Devil Hunter’s shotgun skill “Omen of Disaster” as an example to explain this. This skill shoots your Shotgun 2 times in succession, but when you apply your Tier 3 tripod “Disaster’s Aftertaste”, you are able shoot 3 times. This will make Tier 1 and Tier 2 tripod effect that activates with certain percentage of chance more likely to be activated.

For the tripod system to be diversely modifiable, you need to get a lot of skill points. You’ll get them as you level up, but you can get them by other means as well.
One of them is the [[Medal Quest]](http://lostarkdatabase.com/en/about-the-game/activites/medal-quest)

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