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1. What is the Adventure Book?

Adventure Book shows specific achievements you have gotten in certain areas. These quests can be considered as a kind of an achievement, so it is not mandatory for you to complete the book as it will have no effect on the main storyline, but when you do achieve certain contents in the book, your rank will go up and you will be rewarded with “Rank Achievement Reward” such as skill point potions, Lupeon’s seals,gear, cards and other useful items for your adventure.

Adventure Book can be opened by pressing ‘N’ and it has information about the items, monsters, quests, hidden dungeons, treasure chests, and viewpoints that you have found. You can improve your rank by obtaining certain items, eliminating specific monsters, completing quests, revealing a hidden dungeon, and by accessing the viewpoint.

When your rank goes up, you will be rewarded with useful items. Your default rank is F and you can improve it to C, B, A, S, SS and SSS by getting more achievements. The Adventure Book is different for each area, in the beginning you will be filling the Adventure Book of ‘Arthemis’. Adventure Book is not shared across your account, but each character has its own adventure book.

Lost Ark Online Adventure Book Picture
This is your Adventure Book, it shows World bosses, Dungeons, Lore monsters, Collectibles, Viewpoints …

2. How to progress the Adventure Book?

As you complete your quests and hunt down lore monsters in the field, you will get items such as Plague Pore, Lupeon Statue Piece or Archpriest’s Book, etc. You can also activate “viewpoints” in certain areas and watch the scenery.


Lost Ark Online Adventure Book Lore items
There are plenty of lore items available to collect… gotta grab ’em all!


Lost Ark Online Adventure Book Viewpoint
This is a viewpoint and it will progress your Adventure Book


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