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Guardian Raid

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1. What is Guardian Raid?

Guardian raid is a Dungeon-type Raid content that you can enter from the Raid Bulletins.
You have a 20 minute time limit to defeat the guardian with a party of 1-4.
You can either travel to “Frozen Haven” or “Misty Ridge” to challenge 3 different guardians with other adventurers.
The spawn area for the guardians in guardian raid changes every time and cannot be detected by the mini-map since the holy auras causes them to be undetectable, but you have to find and defeat it before the timer runs out.

Lost Ark Online Raid Bulletin
This is a Raid Bulletin


2. Introduction to Guardians



Chromanium is the guardian with high durability.
You can knock him down with Incapacity status effect to decrease its defense, so it is important to do that as soon as possible, but after ‘Incapacity’ effect has occurred, it will flee to another area with its defense fully-restored.
Incapacity level can still be increased after the defense has gone down to prevent it from fleeing to other area. You can know its defensive state by its action.

Chromanium knocked down, because Incapacity effect was activated. You can deal more damage to it when it’s in this state.
Check the colour of its shell carefully!

It is possible to destroy Chromanium’s shell.
Chromanium’s shell can be destroyed by using skills with “Crash” effect on them.
After you have destroyed its shell, its defense decreases permanently, so breaking it faster will give you more advantage in battle.



Hellgaia attempts to evolve after some time.
Hellgaia becomes very strong after reaching its final form after total of 2 evolutions.
If you want to know its progress in evolving, look carefully at its body.
The flame appears around its body according to the evolution progress.

Hellgaia after evolving. Flame can be seen around its body.
If you couldn’t stop it from evolving to its final form, you’ll have to face the most powerful attacks that Hellgaia can give you, therefore when Hellgaia attempts to evolve you should attack it with all your strength to stop it.

Hellgaia’s second evolution animation
If you actually devote in attacking it rather than dodging its attacks, you’ll be able to cause Incapacity to occur which will cancel its evolution progress. Always check if your skill has this effect beforehand.

Hellgaia is a strong [Fire] type guardian, so be sure to counter this by wearing armours with ability systems which resists extreme temperature.



Berutooth is atrocious, violent and has a great sense of battle.

Always be careful as danger is in every corner when you are nearby this beast. Form a party with great strategies and perform your best team play to defeat it, but never lower your guard as it will corner you to death with its unbearable power.

3. Recommendations for Guardian Raids

Guardians always change spot for each raid and cannot be detected on the map, but you have to find it quickly before the timer runs out.
Try using [Battle Item – Homing Missile] in that case. You can detect its location when you use it. Raid monsters sometimes flee to other area when they feel insecure. Look at its fleeing motion carefully to estimate where it has gone to quickly find it again and defeat it.
If your health has depleted too much, using [Battle Item – Fireplace] before leaving is also a good idea.
There are many different types of guardians, so be sure to take battle items to use it against itself and use your armour’s ability to its full potential.
Don’t forget to check what effect your each skill has. Challenge the impossible and overcome the power of the guardians.

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