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1. What are Guilds?

Guilds are a great way to connect to a community and make new friends. Each guild has its own chat channel and list of members to see who’s available to play with. Members can cooperate to obtain a guild house and purchase upgrades such as shared item vaults, and the ability to throw a party.

2. Creating/Joining a Guild

You will have to go through the main story quests and have Wall of Glory mission done to be able to create/join a guild.

2.1 Creating your Guild

To start creating or joining a guild, first you have to open up the Guild Panel from the quick menu or with CTRL + U keys.

The name cannot contain special characters or spaces and has to be minimum 2 character, a maximum of 12 character length is allowed. You can choose from 40 pre-created guild symbols. You can also set an optional Recruiter message (maximum 40 characters) that people will see when they are in the Guild Finder or when they search for your guild. You can then click the ‘Create’ button and create your guild for 10,000 Gold .

You can not join or create another guild if you leave/disband the current one for 24 hours!

Guild Creation Menu
Guild Creation UI, Names are 12 character long maximum and you can set a MOTD which can 40 characters long
Guild Browser UI
You can browse the list of guilds or search for a specific one

2.2 Benefits of Joining an already established Guild

  • – You will have access to much more content with an experienced group of players, such as Guardian Raids, Cube or Dungeons
  • – Socializing with a community and building relations with players can increase the quality of your game experience
  • – You can share items between guild members and progress faster

3. Managing your Guild

Member roles: Guild Leader, Sub Leader, Officer, Elite, Member, Newbie(Recruit)
Total maximum member count: 100

4. Choosing the right Guild

There are many different types of guilds that are accepting new members. Rather than choosing at random, you may wish to find one that is closest to your personal preferences.
It is really important to find a good place for yourself, because it can change your mood. Players are frequently recruiting in Area chat channels and you can also check out our list of community created guilds(not yet available).

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